Innovation Park and the Irvine Master Plan

The planned Innovation Park campus is anticipated as part of the Irvine Master Plan.

For more than 50 years, the Master Plan has been the blueprint for guiding Irvine’s growth and maturity into one of America’s most livable and safest cities. Its modern retail centers and office campuses generate millions in taxes for the city’s budget, keeping Irvine fiscally sound.

While the plan has evolved through the years to reflect the changing needs and desires of residents, its time-proven principles continue to provide residents with the knowledge and comfort that Irvine is guided by a visionary plan.

Key principles of the Master Plan include:

  • A balance between developed areas and open space – with one-third of the city permanently preserved for open space, parks and trails.
  • Sustainable communities centered on villages that offer a variety of housing for all stages of living that are close to major job centers.
  • A world-class education system.
  • Retail centers and office campuses that provide millions in revenue to fund important city services, like public safety and parks.